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LA Woman Thrown From Hood of Speeding Car In Attempt to Rescue Stolen Dog

The dog owner attempted to stop the thief after they took her dog while she had lunch outside of a Whole Foods.

A Los Angeles woman was captured on camera clinging to the hood of a speeding car after a stranger stole her French bulldog on January 18.

According to the Daily Mail, Ali Zacharias, whose dog, Onyx, was stolen, was outside a Los Angeles Whole Foods in the afternoon when the theft occurred and a passerby filmed the incident. The dog owner attempted to stop the thief after they took the dog and hopped into what police described as a newer white Kia Forte, missing a hubcap on the driver’s side of the vehicle, KTLA reported.

Zacharias was hit by the car, according to the outlet, and bumped into the hood as it continued moving. She was thrown off the hood when the moving vehicle made a turn.

“The next thing I know, the car’s driving into me, and I fell onto the hood,” Zacharias recalled to KTLA. “It was horrifying, as he started to go faster and faster, I’m like, ‘I’m about to die. This is my death. Right now. I’m about to die.'”

The incident started when the stranger called out to the dog and seized it by the leash. Zacharias thought the stranger had taken the dog by mistake as she sat outside the Whole Foods, having lunch with the dog underneath the table. The dog owner called out to the stranger, saying, “That’s my dog. Excuse me,” but was ignored.

Zacharias did file a police report as authorities search for the vehicle. The pet owner is offering a large reward for Onyx’s return, saying, “They stole my child away from me,” Daily Mail reported.

A witness identified as Harrison Pessy said he’d “probably try to kill” someone for stealing his own dog.

French Bulldogs are a popular breed, selling for over $1,000 each, according to Daily Mail.