The Nation's Largest Black-Owned Businesses in 2019 Revealed

The Nation’s Largest Black-Owned Businesses in 2019 Revealed

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BLACK ENTERPRISE is proud to announce the rollout of both our 2019 BE 100s list, which ranks the nation’s largest black-owned businesses, along with a new BE 100s website. The user-friendly site includes interactive maps that show where each black-owned company is located throughout the U.S.

About the BE 100s Listing of the Largest Black-Owned Businesses 

The BE 100s is recognized as the most authoritative analysis and annual ranking of the top-grossing, largest black-owned businesses in the U.S. For more than 45 years, it has served as the barometer for such companies by reporting on the state of black-owned companies across industrial, automotive, and financial services sectors. To compile the list, the BE research team collected surveys from hundreds of companies as well as information from government agencies, professional organizations, industry associations, business information services, entrepreneurs, and corporations. The information included total revenues for the calendar year 2018; a detailed description of business activities; historical ownership data; and confirmation that the entity is at least 51% black-owned, or that blacks own at least 51% of the controlling shares if the company is publicly traded.

The 2019 BE 100s list is categorized into the following three sections: Top 100, Auto 40, and Financial Services.

TOP 100

From technology and manufacturing to food services and media, these companies represent the revenue and employment leaders of black business as well as its greatest innovators. Top 100 companies have also demonstrated economic impact by producing more than $25 billion in revenues and employed more than 70,000 workers.

Auto 40

The black-owned dealerships found on our Auto 40 rankings are among the most successful franchises of the top domestic and foreign car manufacturers.

Financial Services

The BE financial services companies include the largest black banks, investment banks, asset managers, and private equity firms. These companies manage trillions of assets as they diversify the capital markets and serve the needs of individual and institutional clients from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

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