Larsa Pippen Calls Out Tamron Hall’s ‘Negative’ Interview After Being Grilled About Dating Michael Jordan’s Son

Larsa Pippen wasn’t expecting the grill session she endured while appearing on The Tamron Hall Show and called out the host’s “negative” interview style.

The Real Housewives of Miami star, 48, appeared on Hall’s show on Tuesday where she was forced to open up about her budding relationship with Marcus Jordan, 32. With 16 years between them, Hall couldn’t help but ask Larsa the obvious when it came to her romance with someone nearly 20 years her junior.

“I’ve dated guys that were a lot older than me. Scottie is 10 years older than me,” she said. “So, I don’t really view age as you’re mature or immature.”

“I don’t feel like that determines if you’re mature or not. I feel like if you can drink at 21, then you can go to war at 18,” Larsa continued. “I feel like there are different circumstances that I feel like age doesn’t really determine your level of maturity.”

In addition to the 16-year age gap between Larsa and Marcus, the two have close ties to two former teammates who do not get along. Larsa is the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen and Marcus is the son of Michael Jordan.

2020’s The Last Dance documentary shared the story of the Chicago Bulls’ success in the 90s. It also highlighted where things started to go wrong between Scottie and Michael. Years after playing as teammates, Scottie and Michael still aren’t on good terms, and Tamron wanted to know why Larsa would date the offspring of someone her ex-husband doesn’t like.

“I can’t basically explain how someone else feels. That’s how Scottie feels and he has a right to feel the way,” Larsa explained.

“I personally don’t really care about other people out here. I feel like I live my truth. I’m happy. I feel like we get along. He’s my best friend. And so as your best friend, I feel like we have a lot in common.”

But the Bravo star was visibly bothered by Hall’s probing and waited until the commercial break to call her out. Once they returned, Hall let the audience know that Larsa confronted her for being “negative.”

When Hall told Larsa she only based her questions on what’s been made public in the media and on the show, Larsa defended herself claiming “There’s a lot that goes into these shows that you don’t really see.”

Hall’s response wasn’t exactly the sympathy Larsa might’ve been hoping for.

“What you’re saying is that y’all are equally mean? I don’t know,” Hall responded.

“No, we’re not mean to each other. I feel like you don’t have it right,” Larsa told her.

Hall told Larsa that she didn’t want the reality star to think “Tamron Hall judges you for anything.” But it’s clear that damage had already been done.

Fans have been praising Hall for “eating Larsa Pippen up,” as one viewer put it.