Las Vegas Franchisee Rolled the Dice and Won

Had anyone told Bob Daniel that he would have ownership in a franchise brand that did $198 million in revenues in 2016, has 73 locations, and has 7,000 employees on assignment each week, he probably wouldn’t have believed them.


Overcoming some difficulties early in life Daniel worked hard to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees later in life. That led to a 32-year career at IBM, and on to a vice president of development role at Micron Technology Inc. After moving on to a position at Fuji USA, Daniel considered the time ripe for investing in himself, his family, and identifying an opportunity to have some level of work-life balance.


Since he had always enjoyed counseling and mentoring African American youth about how to succeed in corporate America as well as nurturing a passion for community involvement, a good friend of his suggested he look into staffing business.

After careful consideration of a few different staffing franchise brands, in 2006, Daniel opened a PrideStaff franchise—a national staffing firm—in Las Vegas.
Even after a rough start due to the recession, poor hiring decisions, and draining most of his 401(K) retirement savings, he found the right formula to make the franchise work.

In 2011, his revenues crossed the $1 million mark, reaching $2.93 million in 2016. Daniel has successfully doubled his revenues every year since the recession, and employs 125-150 on assignment weekly. He has grown his PrideStaff business to include accounts with major utility and hotel corporations, employing five full-time staff members in the office. His business services over 10 different industries including hospitality, manufacturing, architecture, and information technology.

The advice he has for future franchisees:

  • Seek out advice from experts in the area that you are looking to go into.
  • Don’t assume you will be successful in a particular area because you’ve performed the task as a boss.
  • Perform the right kind of analysis by writing down questions such as what are your exposures and how will you address those.
  • Remember, accountability is critical.

Daniel has built a business and a life he is very proud of. His corporation goes by the name Faith Conquers All Inc. dba PrideStaff. He’s been able to provide a great life for his family, and give back to the community by being a member of the Las Vegas chapter of 100 Black Men for the last seven years. And best of all, he’s going to be able to leave a healthy, thriving business to his son—perhaps his most important purpose yet.

Nancy Williams earned a degree in sociology from UCLA with a specialization in urban studies and business. Her first business was a partnership in a small record label right out of college. After working with a few tech startups, she concluded her career in the corporate world with 14 years at Sprint, a majority of that tenure as a director of customer and sales operations. Nancy started NValuable Franchise Consulting, in order to provide free consultation, relevant insight, pertinent and candid feedback to her clients, so they are able to confidently purchase the right franchise. As a result, her clients achieve financial independence and a positive, enduring impact on their families and local communities.

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