Lawyer In Young Thug’s and YSL’s Rico Act Case Tells Judge ‘It’s Cap’

Hip-Hop fans, and especially fans of Young Thug, are holding their breath, hoping the Jonesboro Housing Project-raised MC beats his RICO case.

On April 17, the Young Stoner Life head honcho was in court for a hearing, as the prosecutors and Thug’s attorney, Justin Hill, presented evidence to Judge Ural Glanville. During the hearing, Hill showed that he was up on today’s slang, when he told Judge Glanville that “the assertion that” he didn’t mention earlier is “cap,” TMZ reported. 

“I will start by saying that this assertion that I did not mention before pre-argument…,” the lawyer began.

“Don’t worry about that, OK,” Judge Glanville countered. “Because I’d have to do it anyway. So, don’t even worry about that.”

“I was just saying, it’s not true” the lawyer followed up. “It’s cap, to be honest.”

It’s not clear what the attorney was referring to.

There have been wild moments since the hearings began. Recently, a disturbing video of alleged YFN associates beating an alleged YSL associate, who was tied and gagged in a cell, began circulating online. In December, a court hearing was interrupted when someone played a sexually explicit video during a Zoom meeting. Earlier this year, a prosecutor hilariously said: “[Young Thug] is the one everyone is afraid of, and he’s the one directing traffic, he’s King Slime.” Oh, and there’s the situation where Judge Glanville ordered a juror to write a  30-page essay for missing jury duty, and Young Thug was allegedly caught on camera being handed a prescription pill by a co-defendant. 

In May 2022, Young Thug and 27 members of Young Stoner Life, including Gunna, were indicted on RICO charges. In December, Gunna pleaded guilty before walking out of the Fulton County Jail. Several other Young Stoner Life members have also pleaded guilty.