Lead or Lose Series Helps Bridge Gap Between Leadership and Behavior Healthcare Professionals

Rod Brown co-founded software company OnceLogix L.L.C in 2005 with partners Trinity Manning and Ty McLaughlin. As a result, they developed Sharenote.com , a fast-growing, Web-based tool used by behavioral healthcare companies in the Southeast. What started out as a tool to help Behavioral Healthcare Clinicians manages notes about their patients is becoming a sought-after Practice Management tool for behavioral healthcare firms. Brown travels the country discussing entrepreneurship, investment strategies and developing smart, web-based software solutions to help businesses become more efficient, more productive and profitable. He received a bachelor’s degree from Winston Salem State University and is a certified leadership trainer through the John Maxwell Program.

On Cofounding OnceLogix:

One of Brown’s cofounders was building a website for a woman that owned a group home.  The woman complained about the vast amount of paperwork, documentation, and billing claims she had to complete.   Brown’s cofounder inquired about what else she needed in addition to the website; those specifics became the beginning of sharenote.com.  Brown’s Cofounder enlisted his help to run the business side of things.  They formed the company OnceLogix and began marketing sharenote.com to behavior healthcare agencies as an electronic healthcare record system. OneceLogix is here to stay and continues to be the leading African-American owned company in the electronic health record space.  “You can’t find another minority owned and operated company of our size with our footprint in this space. For three African-American guys to get together and stay together for almost 10 years is pretty remarkable,” Brown says. Sharenote.com currently operates in 9 states and services 65 agencies.

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On the Lead or Lose Series:

While working in the behavior healthcare space, Brown identified specific pain points and issues his clients experienced in their day-to-day operations. He noticed that most people in the healthcare field typically lacked leadership and entrepreneurship skills.  Brown decided to provide solutions to help train individuals in the healthcare field to become effective leaders and managers, and the Lead or Lose series was born. “These same individuals are thrown into leadership positions all the time and they end up owning businesses and healthcare organizations.  But struggle with running those organizations”.  “Kind of like the lady that can fry chicken, but can’t run a restaurant” Brown explained.

“Lead or Lose Is a mantra, the whole idea is if you are not leading, then you are losing. We believe that everything rises and falls with leadership.  We are arming people, specifically entrepreneurs and people in the healthcare industry, to help them become better leaders, ” says Brown. “The people that use our software are professionals; they are psychiatrists, counselors, social workers etc.  Those are the individuals that use our system and manage their day-to-day work and practices. Those folks are clinically trained, but if you ask them they are going to tell you that they have never had a single business class.  Yet they own agencies that provide mental health or substance abuse services.  They have to be concerned about hiring the right people, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.  They end up staffing people who are knowledgeable in those areas, but then they have to be able to lead them to be able to grow their agencies.  We continued to see people struggle in that area because they haven’t been trained,” says Brown.  His ultimate goal is to equip his clients with the tools they need to effectively manage and lead day-to-day operations so that their businesses are successful.

The feedback that they get is very positive. Inside of the workshops participants complete real exercises that push them think and create actionable items that can take used immediately in their workplaces.  “We do this exercise where we talk about visionaries.  A visionary is someone that can see things into the future. I ask them specifically to tell me something about your industry that you believe is going to happen and we have them present what they think is going to happen and why.  They have to come up with things that they have to do right now to prepare and the steps they need to take to put those things in action.  Most of the time they are right on their predictions, and they probably never would have taken those action steps had they not attended a lead or lose workshop, ” Brown explained.

For more information on The Lead or Lose program, visit his YouTube Channel or follow him on Twitter @RoderickLBrown.

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