Leadership: 6 Steps to Putting Your Vision Into Action

Leadership: 6 Steps to Putting Your Vision Into Action

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When leading your own company, team or project, it’s important to have a vision and a plan to make that vision reality. Whether you’re trying to tackle acquiring that next client, increasing revenues, building a new product or expanding your consumer base, having a step-by-step strategy can ensure you nor your team is running blind and ineffectively.

A true visionary knows the importance of having a solid strategy and being transparent about the plan with those who will help implement it.

Entrepreneur Aaron Anders details a plan he and the co-founders of his company, Slingshot SEO, decided to implement after taking a step back to reevaluate their business to ensure further growth. They decided to put a 90-day deadline on getting the wheels turning. Take a cue from Anders and his colleagues to learn how you can be on the path to reaching your career and life goals.

The 90-day Vision Plan was outlined as follows:

  • The founders will not report to the office during this period unless consulting is necessary when subject matter expertise is needed. In those cases, the founder will report to the office for the meeting as a consultant and leave upon completion.
  • The founders will be accessible to all employees through a ‘vision’ e-mail address where employees can send ideas and opinions on company vision.
  • The executive team will present operational statuses through departmental scorecards and reports in monthly board meetings during the 90-day period.

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