Leadership: How to Match Team Personalities for Ultimate Success

Leadership: How to Match Team Personalities for Ultimate Success

It is inevitable that you will work with someone who is different than you. Their way of thinking, the way they execute tasks, and their organization skills will be unfamiliar. Everyone operates differently and have different ways of accomplishing goals. When working in a team environment, it’s essential to put a combination of worker styles together for productivity. Inc writer Shelley Prevost, details four basic personality types that you will encounter in your team and how best to match them up:

Leading. Leaders start the process. They create the plan and inspire the team.

Learning. Learners create or dissect the process of doing things. They are the ones who help create the strategy to help execute the plan.

Doing. Execution is key for the doer, they are result oriented and are keen on completing tasks and reaching goals.

Loving. Lovers bridge the gap between the

It is important to understand your worker style and the worker style of others. Identifying it will help you grow your skills and integrate know how you are contributing to the big picture. It could be possible to have more than one worker style, but more than likely there will be a dominate style that you respond to. Which worker style are you?

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