Girl Power: 8 Lessons in Leadership From Women

Girl Power: 8 Lessons in Leadership From Women

How many women are in leadership positions within the United States? According to statistics less than 20%. Jenna Goudreau of Forbes says “women comprise just 4% of corporate CEOs, 14% of executive officers and 20% of America’s government officials, we’re facing a persistent leadership gap at the highest echelons.” What sets the women who made it apart from those who are still on the path to success? Determination, persistance, perseverance, and sacrifice are just a few of the characteristics that lead to ultimate success. If you want to move up the ladder, here are some lessons you should take from women who have already achieved:

Stay determined. There may be many obstacles in your path, but your drive will determine how far you will actually go. Do you really want it?

Be courageous. There will be times you will have to step up to challenges or place challenged on yourself to go the distance. What risks are you willing to take?

Think bigger. Go big or go home. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to show your potential. Make the most of it and show out.

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