‘Leading Our Way Forward’: Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness Hosts 14th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Summit

‘Leading Our Way Forward’: Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness Hosts 14th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Summit

In a room full of motivational speakers, authors, founders, and community leaders, Black men and women are gathering to celebrate living a healthy lifestyle.

The 14th annual Black Women’s Wellness Summit will be held September 23-24,  with the theme of “Leading Our Way Forward.” According to Madison365, the virtual event honoring Black women’s health will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Madison, Wisconsin-based organization, The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness.

Established based on the loss of 64-year-old Roberta Peyton, mother of FBWW’s President Lisa Peyton-Caire, the organization hosts the day for Black women leadership in reference of the painful case caused by heart disease. First observed in Bowie, Maryland in 2009, Black Women’s Wellness Day has grown a larger audience in support of its mission to advocate for a healthy life for Black women.

“Black Women’s Wellness Day has always been and this year again will be a beautiful display of leadership of Black women as we continue to face incredible barriers. It is also an opportunity to really shift the narrative to demand accountability and to create new solutions that really elevate Black women’s health, Black family health, and Black well-being as we see a continuing environment of hostility and challenge right now,” Peyton-Caire said.

FBWW president shared that attendees will be a part of two days of learning, listening, and taking action. The expectation is that they leave the safe space feeling empowered and apply the information into their personal lives and communities as they protect their own health and well-being.

“People are going to leave this event not only inspired but with the tools and inspiration and confidence to take action to lead the type of healthy lives they want to lead. When you leave Black Women’s Wellness Day, you leave with new relationships, new networks and knowledge and new aspirations to live a healthier life.”

The event, sponsored by American Family Institute for Corporate & Social Responsibility, is said to honor special guests including Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and State Rep. Shelia Stubbs. In addition, the two days will feature a variety of speakers, networking opportunities, and a panel discussion. Other sessions during the event will include a Wellness Marketplace, a Virtual Luncheon Fireside Chat, and a Live DJ Stage.