Leave The Voice Messages To The Professionals

Leave The Voice Messages To The Professionals

The key to successful communication is a clear and understandable message that resonates with a large audience. For those who communicate mainly through video means, the tone and diction of the speaker’s voice take on even more importance.

While not everyone has the voice of Morgan Freeman, some voices are more soothing than others. Micmonster has compiled more than 600 voices, and its library continues to grow daily.

For those who rely on videos to convey their message or build their brand, look no further than Micmonster. It’s a one-stop solution for voiceovers. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to it for $59. That’s a savings of 50% from its MSRP ($119).

Micmonster’s 600 voices spanned 129 languages. Voice styles include English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese and Portuguese (Brazil). The multi-voice feature allows you to select the portion of the script and assign it to a voiceover that you like.

Voice inflections allow you to fine-tune rate, pitch, and emphasis and pauses to create a suitable voice tone. All that’s needed to run this program is an internet connection and any modern browser.

The preview mode feature gives you an opportunity to listen to a single paragraph or full text before converting it to speech. Longer audio files transform 12,000 characters into voiceovers at once, use merge to combine multiple audio files.

Micmonster can be used for YouTube, podcasts, audiobooks, E-learning, radio and corporate training.

A concise, clear message resonates with an audience long after the message is conveyed. The right voice will remain in the ear of listeners long after the speaker finishes talking. With Micmonster, you’ll have more than enough options for whatever you need for your videos. Purchase it today and leave the communication to a professional voice.

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