LeBron James Confronts Announcer Who Slighted His Son During Basketball Game

It’s not necessarily a great idea to insult the person who is paying for the tournament where you work — especially if the gym is named after NBA star LeBron James.

King James is making headlines for what transpired at his son Bronny James’ basketball game recently.

According to Fox News, King James approached an announcer at his son’s game because he believed that a foul was called deliberately for his son Bronny. James said the foul was called because he is the son of LeBron and they are playing at a gym that is named after him.

The basketball game took place last week for a “Strive for Greatness” prep basketball game that was the end of a three-day tournament titled “The Battle: Summer Showcase.” The tournament featured some of the best high school basketball players in the Midwest.

The game was being played at the school James attended growing up, St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School. The tournament was played at the LeBron James Arena, which is located on the campus. After an opposing player was called for a foul on Bronny, the announcer added commentary that stated that Bronny got the foul call simply because he was playing in the gym with his father’s name on it. LeBron, taking offense to that, approached the scorer’s table where the announcer was and objected to the statement he blurted out to the audience.

At this time of year, the National Basketball Association’s Finals is usually where Los Angeles Lakers superstar player, LeBron James would be. The future Hall of Famer’s appearance is virtually guaranteed after eight consecutive NBA Finals and after missing one year, he won it all again last year, it was all but certain he’d be there again, but that is not the case.

Bronny’s team ended up losing 73-69 to the team they faced.