5 Lessons on Career and Leadership from Tina Knowles

Mother Mastermind: 5 Lessons on Career and Leadership from Tina Knowles

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Despite being the mother of one of today’s greatest entertainers, Tina Knowles has managed to maintain a low-profile. She’s been credited with designing and coordinating attire for her daughter since the beginning of Beyonce’s career with the singing group Destiny’s Child to her now solo career that has taken her on tours worldwide. While Knowles, who some refer to as Mama T, has never been one to ask for the spotlight, much of her personal business has managed to make its way into the media.

Last week, Knowles served as keynote speaker at the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation’s 8th Annual Women & Money luncheon in Houston.

Opening up about everything from early childhood memories, to motherhood, a booming career, a divorce, and self-esteem issues, check out are five key lessons we learned from Knowles’s speech.