Let This Service Build Your E-Commerce Shop From Scratch
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Let This Service Build Your E-Commerce Shop From Scratch

(Image via Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels)

So you’ve got a top-notch product out there, but you’re just missing a platform to distribute it on—no worries. Chances are you might want to take your business over to a platform that’s contributing $183 billion to the global economy.

That platform is Shopify, and it’s taking over the e-commerce game. With over a 31% stake in the e-commerce industry, platforms like The Shopify Store Setup Service come along to catalyze your success.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder. This service sets up your online store and gets it up and running within 15 business days. The Designtly.com team, a verified Shopify partner, is at your beck and call. You tell them what you envision for your customers, the elements that you specifically need, and they build your business from the ground up.

Depending on how you want your site to look, elements like theme, domain setup, content pages, and payment method setup are included in the pricing. Basically, it costs $250 to get the website your want, a far cry from the overload other designers charge to get the same outcome.

Before Designtly hands the control back over to you, they’ll teach you how to run the site. From there, the success of the biz is in your hands.

Plus, whenever you’re ready to add in the element of marketing on social media, you’ll have this masterclass waiting on you.

Building brand loyalty starts with a recognizable platform that’s going to stay on people’s brains. Start pushing your product tenfold with The Shopify Store Setup Service. Once upon a time, a service like this cost $995, so the 74% savings makes an investment like this that much more worth it.

Prices subject to change.