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Let’s Talk About It! Taraji P. Henson Shares Experience With Bladder Leakage In New Always Discreet Partnership

Like several other women, Taraji P. Henson says she didn't know what was happening to her when she transitioned into her perimenopause stage.

As women transition into perimenopause, their bodies undergo changes that often go unspoken, but are totally normal.

To empower women navigating this transitional life stage, Proctor & Gamble’s bladder leak protection brand Always Discreet has teamed up with actress Taraji P. Henson to shine a light on perimenopause and common experiences that many have limited knowledge about. According to a press release, such experiences include the common occurrence of bladder leaks, which Balaka Niyazee, senior vice president of P&G Feminine Care North America said “is a common experience that 1 in 2 women over the age of 18 will experience in their lifetime.”

The North American Menopause Society reported that by 2025 the rise in post menopausal women is expected to reach 1.1 billion worldwide. However, 83% of women are unaware of the perimenopause stage that takes place before menopause. “When it comes to perimenopause, this knowledge exchange is limited. Women are left unprepared for typical physical changes – this is especially true when it comes to bladder leaks,” Niyazee said.

To spark awareness, Always Discreet created the “I Wish I Knew” video series that features Henson gathered with other women as they openly share their own perimenopausal journeys. As the women swap stories, commonalities emerge around unexpected symptoms like bladder leaks. “I didn’t know what was happening to me,” Henson shared about her perimenopausal journey. “I was experiencing a lot of other symptoms. We don’t talk enough about how women’s bodies continue to change and it leaves us confused, frustrated, and feeling alone.”


Her words ring true, as a survey conducted by Always Discreet found that 70% of women feel less alone knowing other women undergo the same bladder leakage challenges. Yet these leaks carry a heavy impact, with 73% admitting they avoid activities due to worry over leaks. Over 80% of women who experience bladder leaks said it was detrimental to their overall confidence, while 77% said the leaks came at a disadvantage to their ability to exercise or partake in physical activity.

“I’m passionate about women living confidently and feeling empowered,” Henson stated. Always Discreet aims to use this video series to empower others as well.

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