Levar Burton Schools Meghan McCain on Cancel Culture

Levar Burton Schools Meghan McCain on Cancel Culture

Leave it up to Reading Rainbow star Levar Burton to educate Meghan McCain on how ‘cancel culture’ should really be considered “consequence culture.”

Burton virtually appeared on The View Monday where McCain tried to bait him into a question on “cancel culture” as it relates to six Dr. Seuss books that were pulled from shelves earlier this year due to racist and insensitive imagery.

“What do you think of that decision and about the cancel culture surrounding works of art or artists that are controversial?” McCain asked.

But the television star who became a household name in the 80s and 90s by reading books to children on his beloved PBS show responded to McCain’s question by turning it into a teachable moment.

“Dr. Seuss is more than simply a company that’s decided to put a couple of books on the shelf, to take them out of rotation,” Burton explained. “That man, Theodore Geisel, is responsible for generations of wholesome, healthy, wonderful, creative content for children of all ages. So, I think we need to put things in perspective.”

The Star Trek: Next Generation star provided context into ‘cancel culture’ being a misnamed approach at accountability.

“I think it’s misnamed,” Burton said. “That’s a misnomer. I think we have a consequence culture, and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in this society, whereas they haven’t been ever in this country.”

The Roots star offered his support for the buzzword saying it’s “good signs that are happening in the culture right now.” He continued. “And I think it has everything to do with a new awareness by people who were simply unaware of the real nature of life in this country for people who have been othered since this nation began.”

His response left McCain speechless and further proved how prepared Burton is for his upcoming guest-hosting position on Jeopardy!