Level Up Your Productivity Skills with a Yearly Subscription to Setapp

Level Up Your Productivity Skills with a Yearly Subscription to Setapp

The pandemic brought many challenges for people when it comes to productivity at work.

As the world gradually reopens and moves into a new era of business, it’s essential to surround yourself with tools and resources to support your productivity.

One tool that you should have on your radar is Setapp, the next-generation productivity app that lets you organize your work in an orderly way on your Mac and iPhone.

With a collection of more than 210 apps, and a personalized app recommendation system, this app has everything you need to increase your output and boost your workflow.

Right now, you can get a a year’s subscription to Setapp for just $69, that’s 42% off of the list price.

With this subscription, you’ll have full access to both available and upcoming apps.

You can browse a library of apps that cover a wide range of interests — including maintenance, self-improvement, lifestyle, productivity and more.

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All you need to do is download the desktop/iPhone app to explore all apps on Mac. Once you define the task, Setapp makes sure you have the solution.

Setapp is designed to give you a seamless browsing experience with zero distractions, in-app purchases or pop-up ads.

The app also lets you get new software without paying for costly upgrades, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest versions at no extra cost.

Setapp is probably one of the major underdog apps in the tech world.

In 2020, it was awarded The Most Exciting Collaboration Application at The Noonies, tech industry’s green awards.

TechCrunch also calls it ‘the Spotify of Mac apps’, so you know it’ll make a great addition to your collection of apps.

A year’s access to Setapp is originally priced at $119, but you can get it for $69, a 42% discount on an app that lets you discover other cool new apps every day.

Prices subject to change.