Lexus Good Life Event: Wrap Up and Highlights

Lexus Good Life Event: Wrap Up and Highlights

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(Image: Kristan Lieb)

Chicago tastemakers and influencers were all in attendance on June 21, to celebrate The Good Life, an event hosted by Lexus at a swanky, private spot in Chicago.

With influencers in attendance, like The BOSS Network Founder and CEO, Cameka Smith, and CEO of The Starter League, Neal Sales-Griffin, the evening was all about celebrating what’s good in your life; from your career, finances, relationships, and more.

When we think of what a “good life” is, material items may come to mind. But it is common knowledge that the goodness of life comes from the kind of inner wealth and happiness that pulls in all material goods. Last week, we celebrated both!

During the celebration, guests noshed on tasty hors d’oeuvres, savored luscious cocktails, and networked with some of Chicago’s finest in entertainment, law, finance, and fashion. On social media, guests shared what they were most grateful for in their lives, favorite ways to treat themselves, and the little luxuries that they can’t live without.

When asked, “What does the good life mean to you?” They wrote:

“Solving problems. Helping people. Having fun.”
– Neal Sales-Griffin, CEO of The Starter League

“Living the good life means that I am able to acknowledge my passion, so that I can pursue any vision that I want to pursue.”
– Keven Stonewall, Cancer researcher

“I live the good life by operating outside of the box, being my authentic ‘BOSS’ self, and creating my own rules.”
- Cameka Smith, Founder, The BOSS Network

The night commenced with a giveaway to Black Enterprise‘s annual Golf & Tennis Challenge in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, during Labor Day Weekend.

Living a good life is so much more than what others see and what you can show—it is a feeling. It’s believing that you deserve the best!

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