My Life Without a Cell Phone

Smartphones are for Dummies: My Life Without a Cell Phone

man screaming at cell phone

man screaming at cell phoneHow many people do you know with a cellphone? If you can’t think of one person you are probably not alone. Unless you are a child, let’s say under 5, a cellphone is not apart of your immediate world. In this day and age not having a cellphone is unheard of. Maybe in some remote part of the world it is not a staple of daily life, but for those living in thriving metropolises it lends itself to being more of a necessity.

For one writer, Michael A. Gonzales,  this is not his life. He defies the odds of being dependent on technology on a daily basis.

“Even bums have cellphones,” my mother yells, frustrated that she hadn’t been able to reach me for a few hours. Living in Baltimore, her call came through on my landline in the early evening as I sat in my Brooklyn apartment reading.

“Maybe T-Mobile can use that as their next ad campaign,” I reply dryly.

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