Actress and ‘Cocktails with Queens’ Co-Host LisaRaye Mourns the Loss of Her Mother

LisaRaye McCoy is mourning the passing of her mother, Katie McCoy.  The actress and co-host of Cocktails with Queens took to social media to share the sad news. 

LisaRaye wrote: “I’m numb.” I lost my mother last night. It was expected, but I could never prepare. Being strong is what you taught me, but I can’t say it applies today. I will make your transition a celebration of memories that I will cherish. I’ll miss you.”


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Recently, LisaRaye sat with Black Enterprise to discuss the second season of Cocktails with Queens. 

“I think we want to shed some light on some of the buffoonery,” LisaRaye said to Black Enterprise. “And what I mean by that is, is that we’ll pose the question and just wait and sit on it. Like, this is what you’re doing. This is what you’re saying. This is what you are showcasing as an example to the younger generation, and your kids, and everyone else that’s out there watching you; this is what you’re doing. Is this what you mean?” 

LisaRaye first caught the eye of television viewers with an appearance on the popular television series In the House. Though the movie never did find a distributor, director Monty Ross convinced the then—budding actress to move out to L.A. during pilot season, and she soon landed minor roles on Martin as well as an made an appearance in rapper Tupac Shakur’s final music video. Her most memorable appearance comes from The Players Club, where she played a troubled stripper. After appearing in The Wood, LisaRaye joined her sister, Da Brat,  as a host of Source: All Access, a popular series dedicated to exploring hip-hop culture. 

In 2020, LisaRaye and her mother appeared on Iyanla:Fix My Life.