The New Way to Pitch Investors? Live Video

(Image: createherstock)


Gone are the days of having to meet an investor in his office. A new app was just released called, Pitch Investors Live, which, according to the press release, is a mobile application that connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest. This app is deemed the Shark Tank for investors and entrepreneurs using real-time live video.

Instead of you having to travel across town and investors breaking up their already overly crammed schedules, investors now have the convenience of using the platform to quickly screen prospective entrepreneurial teams.

“At Pitch Investors Live, we understand the hard work it takes to make an idea a reality,” said Matt Lally, CEO of 2UP Technology Inc. in a recent press release. “We created the app to truly help foster and support high-growth entrepreneurship not just across the U.S. but in other communities as well. Also, the app provides a critical opportunity for users to find like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as to network with investors.”

So why is it important that this platform exists? One, it lowers the barriers for both parties involved in angel investing by allowing direct access to both the entrepreneur and investor and two, it educates both parties so that they can make smart decisions, saving both the investor and the entrepreneur tons of time that they can’t get back.

Key Product Features Include:

• Live real-time video pitches involving investors and entrepreneurs.

• A live viewing audience can participate in the discussion

• Receive feedback and help from other entrepreneurs

• Directly message investors and other entrepreneurs

• Option to have private discussions via live video or direct messages

• Question and answer sessions with coaches, mentors, and investors

The product is still pretty early stage so there may be some kinks to work out, but, I think it’s worth checking out both as an investor and founder. You can gather more information here or download it in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.