Load Up Your Mac with these Seven Essential Apps

Load Up Your Mac with these Seven Essential Apps

The end of the calendar year signals the beginning of the holiday gift-giving season. Whether you’ve asked for a new Mac or if you plan to gift one to yourself this holiday season, The Premium Limited Edition Mac Bundle ft. Microsoft Office is just what you need to equip your computer with these seven essential apps.

They range from the wildly-popular Microsoft Office to video-based programs that help breathe life into your creations. You can purchase it for a limited time for $59.99. That’s a savings of 96% if you were to purchase each item individually.

Star of the show

The cornerstone of any computer is Microsoft Office. This installment – MS Office Home and Business 2021 – includes favorites like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, among others. Updates to the software are included for the lifetime of your purchase. Free customer support is also offered should you need help from setting it up or using its programs.

Proper Protection

A competent VPN program should be among the first items installed on a new computer. Without one, personal data and information can be accessed and compromised. Ivacy VPN brings superior protection along with blazing-fast speed and powerful encryption to your computer. The software, which is rated 8.4 stars, won the 2019 BestVPN.com’s Fastest VPN Award, and it’s an official partner of the West Ham Football Club.

Always safe

There isn’t much more frustrating than forgetting the password to one of your many online services. Whether it’s Netflix, your bank account or your auto insurance log-in credentials, we’ve all fallen victim to having to reset old passwords and start anew. SplashIDPro remembers them for you, and safely catalogs them for future use. SplashIDPro is used by more than 10 million people, and it’s the most trusted name in password management. CSO Online ranked it among its top six password manager services.

Begin to build

Homeowners are always envisioning ways to reconfigure their spaces or completely revamp their homes. In most cases, it’s easy to visualize the concepts in your mind, but translating that idea to paper is another story. Live Home 3D Pro is a powerful home design software that can assist with blueprint designs ranging from a simple shed to a complete skyscraper. TopTenReview named it Gold Award Winner. Use it to help turn your visions to reality.

Silver screen

Video conferences and meetings have become commonplace over the past two years as work and school can now be done remotely. Not everyone, however, is blessed with stunning home aesthetics to serve as a backdrop for those occasions. XSplit VCam offers cutting-edge background replacement, removal and blurring, without the need for any green screen. The software does all this in a high-quality presentation, giving you an eye-catching background for those video meetings.

A clearer look

Assembling and creating professional-looking videos doesn’t have to require hours on complicated video-editing software. VideoCom Apps Pro allows you to record beautiful video presentations with little effort. Create your presentation from scratch, or use PowerPoint, Google Slides or PDF Presentations. A secure media cloud lets you share your videos and images with friends or co-workers.

You’ve got mail

Even the most storage-efficient email services can’t solve the ever-present issue of the lack of space. For some people, the ability to archive and back up their email data is as important as the information in those emails. Mail Backup X Individual Edition is your one-stop shop for mail backup, archiving, email management and mail conversion. It’s compatible with Apple Mail, Outlook, and Office 365, among others. CNET rated this software 5 stars.

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