Teen gangs, Long Beach apartment

Long Beach Apartment Complex Residents Say They Are Being Terrorized By Teens

Teenagers are reportedly terrorizing a downtown Long Beach apartment complex, and residents are looking for help and extra security.

According to Fox 11 Los Angeles, Camden Harbor View Apartments residents are voicing their concerns about gaining better security because of recent crimes taking place: break-ins, robberies, assaults, and several fires set in the garage last month.

They say teenagers are committing the attacks, but there are also problems with the homeless.

“They jump over the fences, getting into our pools, our hallways, stealing our packages. And we are inundated with homeless,” said resident Ty London. “My car was broken into three times. None of our doors are locked. We don’t have security whatsoever, so we are left with these bad skateboarders that are fighting tenants.”

Police officers from Long Beach acknowledged that more than a dozen teenagers brutally beat a man while he was coming home from the gym on Ocean Boulevard earlier this month.

“In early September, we increased community security and requested additional patrols by the Long Beach Police Department,” the owner of the property, Camden Living, told Fox 11. “We are continuing to work with the Long Beach Police Department closely.”

The skate park near the complex may be the blame for the troubles, resident Javier Diaz said. “They broke our doors practically and get in right there,” pointing to an open gate. “We find homeless inside the building.”

“One day I get off the train and there was probably 10 of them from 6 to 12 years old. They started jumping on me, touching me practically. One of them touched my watch and I got a little scared,” Diaz recalled. “Why don’t they show respect?”

Reportedly, the Long Beach City Council held at least one meeting about the issues last month.

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