So Long Google Apps, Hello G Suite

So Long Google Apps, Hello G Suite

Google renamed its Google Apps collection of productivity and web-based apps, “G Suite,” according to a post on Google’s Official Blog.

G Suite, as with Google Apps, includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.

The name change is to better reflect Google’s mission which is “help people everywhere work and innovate together, so that your organization can move faster and achieve more,” as per an email sent to Google Apps customers.

Over the next few weeks, Google will roll out the new name and logo in the Google Apps Admin console, the Help Center, and on Google Apps customers’ invoices.

The actual name of the apps will remain the same.

G Suite promises to allow information to flow freely between devices, apps, people, and teams. Google seems to be re-marketing and re-engineering Google Apps to make the creation and consumption of digital content even more platform and device agnostic.

In another Google Blog post, Prabhakar Raghavan, vice president of Apps and Google Cloud, delves down into some of the changes with G Suite.

Research shows that each week we spend the equivalent of three work days on common tasks like emailing, scheduling and attending meetings and gathering information, and only two work days on the role we were hired for.

Today we’re launching new capabilities across G Suite to help employees reclaim their time and come together as teams on strategic and creative projects so they can better serve their customers.

These new features include Quick Access in Drive for Android to get instant access to files stored on Google Drive from an Android device.; new intelligence in Google Calendar to help you easily find a time when invitees are free, and it also suggests available rooms based on your previous bookings; and natural language support in Explore for Google Sheets and Google Docs.

More details on the new features in G Suite are available here.