Lakers Will Reportedly Offer Rings to Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley if They Win Championship

Before the trading deadline earlier this year, the Los Angeles Lakers traded Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. On a recent podcast episode, Beverley stated that former teammate Russell Westbrook wants his ring if the Lakers win this year’s championship. While laughing, Beverley said he wanted one too, and it looks like they will get their wish if the Lakers win the title this year.

According to CBS Sports, the Lakers informed TNT’s sports reporter Chris Haynes that they would give everyone on this year’s roster, despite them not being on the team anymore, a championship ring if the team goes all the way. 

It all started last week when Beverley said he ran into Westbrook at the gym. He recalled, “Russy goes, ‘Hey, Pat. Lakers win, I want my ring.” Beverley said he told Westbrook that he would also be waiting for the ring with him. “I ain’t gonna lie, Russ. We’re going to be suited and booted, boy. I’m going to be right there, waiting on that ring.

Haynes confirmed, “Now, if the Lakers were able to win the whole thing, win a championship, I was told by a high-ranking source within the organization that they would extend a championship ring to all players who were on the roster at any point during the regular season.”

He continued, “That means, if the Lakers win the whole thing, Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, and others will receive a championship ring. I was told that was a protocol in the system that was put in place by Rob Pelinka when he took over. It’s just a way to make sure players understand that they value them, even though they didn’t make it from beginning to the end of the season with the Lakers.”

Besides the current Lakers team players, eight former Lakers would be eligible to get rings. Those players are Westbrook, Beverley, Kendrick Nunn, Matt Ryan, Damian Jones, Thomas Bryant, Sterling Brown, and Juan Toscano-Anderson.