Is Los Angeles Reneging on Reward for Dorner’s Capture?

Christopher Jordan Dorner waged war on the Los Angeles Police Department for seven days, leaving the city — especially his intended targets — gripped in fear for their lives. During his rampage cases of mistaken identity left many with permanent reminders of when the city was under siege.

As LAPD began to search for the former police officer’s whereabouts, Dorner quietly botched an attempt to escape to Mexico before changing routes and heading to Big Bear, Calif. As he moved, residents and city officials banded together to create a $1 million bounty for Dorner’s return to L.A. — under certain terms.

The groups wanted any information leading to the “arrest, apprehension, and conviction of Dorner. Well, they got just that. According to reports, Dorner trekked north he came across two maids cleaning a cabin. He tied them up and fled in their purple Nissan. One maid managed to escape and called police to the area, which ultimately led to Dorner’s capture. The fugitive allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head before being set ablaze by the police — allegedly.

Now, it seems that the same folks who pooled together the $1 million reward will actually give it away. A maid reportedly made a call to 911.

“When there are rewards like this, they have to sit down with investigators and others, including the people who are offering the reward, the organizations who were offering the reward, and they have to kind of figure out how, or if, the reward is going to be distributed,” LAPD spokesperson Richard French told the Daily Intelligencer.

Some wonder if the city reneging on the reward will deter others from coming forward when rewards are offered.

Other rewards popped up during Dorner’s reign of terror. Two smaller funds, both $100,000, were offered to anyone who could lead to the “capture and conviction” of Dorner, according to TMZ.

But, it looks like all of the pots of money may remain untouched if officials remain nit-picky about the language.