Philly Artist Louie V Gutta Sends Powerful Message in New Visual, "Black Man in Amerikkka"
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Philly Artist Louie V Gutta Sends Powerful Message in New Visual, “Black Man in Amerikkka”

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Louie V Gutta (Photo credit: Briana Tansey)

North Philadelphia artist, writer, and producer Vincent Robinson, better known as Louie V Gutta, has experienced and witnessed police brutality and discrimination; he knows all too well the effects racism and discrimination have on the Black men in his community.

Robinson, who has received writing and feature credits with rappers Meek Mill and French Montana, channeled those experiences for his most recent visual, “Black Man in Amerikkka.” Profoundly different from his other work, “Black Man in Amerikkka” is a call to action that unapologetically speaks to the perils faced every day in our communities across America.

“As a Black man in America I truly feel like we are at a disadvantage when it comes to employment opportunities and access to basic equalities,” Robinson tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “We are playing catch-up with the majority group who’s had a 20-mile head start. We are working ourselves out of a hole just to survive. We matter, our issues matter, and change is long overdue.”

While his words voice the frustration felt in our communities, the visual blends familiar scenes of protests from the 1960s with the protest of today. Behind his lyrics, clips from bystanders and voices from news reports circulate as a message of perseverance echoes.

“I wanted to make a song that means something,” he says. “Watching the frustrations spilling out into the streets took its toll on me mentally as a Black Man. This music is coming from my heart. This moment it’s critical that we use our platforms and talents as a vessel to push for the change we need to see in our communities. I must speak about what’s important while inspiring people to keep the same energy for change.”

Previously featured #1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists, Gutta continuously connects with his fans through his lyricism. With close to 1 million streams in 2020 on Spotify alone, he is showing why HipHopDX said, “Louie V Gutta is a legend in the making.”

“I believe as artists we should use our platform to speak on injustice,” Robinson says. “I also say this with the complete understanding that I by no means have the right to say what someone else should do. I can only speak for myself. As an artist, you never want to force something because it’s popular. If it is not genuine there may be another way to message your audience.”

With a newly launched label and an EP in the works, the rapper is keeping his foot on the gas while being aware of the injustices Black people are facing.

“I’m an artist first,” he declares. “My new label will make me responsible for the artist so I have to work on my craft to grow my business. This doesn’t overshadow how passionate I am about using my platform to bring awareness to the injustices taking place in my community. The community has supported me and I will continue to support them.”

Watch “Black Man in Amerikkka” below and check out Louie V Gutta’s other hits on all major platforms now.