James R. Ludlow School, Khary Moody, Lindback Award

Philadelphia Principal Khary Moody Honored With Lindback Award For Exemplary Leadership

Khary Moody, principal of James R. Ludlow School, has been recognized as one of the distinguished recipients of this year's Lindback Awards.

The Philadelphia Tribune reported that Khary Moody, principal of James R. Ludlow School, has been recognized as one of the distinguished recipients of this year’s Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Awards for Distinguished Principal Leadership. Moody’s journey to education leadership was not a conventional one, but his dedication and impact have earned him this prestigious honor.

Raised in Philadelphia, Khary Moody initially envisioned a career within the judicial system, hoping to effect change from within. However, his perspective shifted when he was offered an opportunity to work in the Alternative Education Office of the School District of Philadelphia. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Moody remarked, “I always wanted to work with kids. Coming to the school district not only helped me make an impact in the lives of young people, but it also helped me understand the pathway to being an educator.”

With a background in criminal justice from West Chester University and a master’s degree in education from Cheyney University, Moody’s transition into education was marked by a commitment to serving marginalized youth. He played a crucial role in establishing programs like the Reti-Wrap Reentry Transition Initiative, providing support and resources to students returning to school from incarceration or court-ordered treatment.

Moody’s leadership at Ludlow since 2018 has been characterized by a collaborative approach and a focus on student success. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork, acknowledging, “Anything that we do is by committee.” Moody credits his dedicated staff, whose average tenure at Ludlow is 15 years, for their unwavering commitment to student well-being and academic achievement.

Under Moody’s guidance, Ludlow has implemented innovative initiatives to address barriers to student success. Recognizing the significance of graduation, the school has forged partnerships with institutions to align the curriculum with graduation requirements, ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the future.

Regarding his vision for aspiring school leaders, Moody advises patience, steadfastness, and clear communication. He emphasizes the importance of articulating a cohesive vision that resonates with stakeholders, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

As a recipient of the Lindback Award, Moody plans to utilize the $20,000 prize to enhance Ludlow’s facilities, particularly the schoolyard, envisioning improvements such as a football field and additional seating areas. His commitment to providing students with a conducive learning environment underscores his dedication to their holistic development.