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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

Macy’s is iterating on retail because just like any other retail company if they don’t, they die. So what’s the new concept? Pop-up shops called, “The Market @ Macy’s.”

The program allows newer entrepreneurs the access to promote or sell their products. The goal is to give the customer more variety in their shopping experience. Most of the companies that they support are online and do not have a traditional brick and mortar location so this gives them access to test the market in an offline retail space.


“The Market @ Macy’s approach is brilliant,” said Roshell Rinkins, founder of Liquid Courage. “It’s a great way to serve up fresh, local, and indie brands to their customers in a low-risk environment for brands.”

Founder, Roshell Rinkins (Image: Liquid Courage)

Founder, Roshell Rinkins (Image: Liquid Courage)


There are several shops popping up all around the country but, Rinkins’ product will be displayed at the Las Vegas location. “Liquid Courage Cosmetics will be in the Fashion Show Mall in from April 8 through May 5, 2018, with the ability to extend beyond those dates and locations,” stated Rinkins.

So what’s the benefit to the entrepreneur? This unique retail offering will enable creators of innovative products, experiences, and services to boost their exposure and reach a broader customer base with the support of Macy’s outstanding retail experience.

“Macy’s offers a turn-key solution that does the operational hard work for the brand while allowing the brand to kelp 100% of the sales,” continued Rinkins.

(Image: Liquid Courage)

(Image: Liquid Courage)


This gives entrepreneurs a great opportunity to work with a big-box retailer, a company that has been around for over 150 years. Fifty percent of Americans shop at Macy’s at least once a year so this allows the entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their brands in front of Macy’s customers with very little risk on their end.

“Today, Liquid Courage is sold online only. The Market @ Macy’s is an opportunity to pilot and test our retail strategy while minimizing risk,” Rinkins told Black Enterprise.


Sequoia Blodgett

Sequoia Blodgett is a Reporter for Black Enterprise. She is also the founder of Commas, a virtual entrepreneurship resource center that provides everything you need to know about product development, marketing, publicity, and fundraising, to make your entrepreneurial journey a lot less stressful.