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Madonna Apologizes After Checking A Wheelchair-Bound Fan For Sitting Down

Madonna admitted to being "politically incorrect" after calling out one of her wheelchair-bound fans for sitting down during her live show.

Madonna admitted to being “politically incorrect” after calling out one of her wheelchair-bound fans for sitting down during her live show.

The legendary pop star was performing at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 7, as part of her Celebration Tour when she pointed out one fan who was sitting down.

“What are you doing sitting down over there? What are you getting sitting down?” Madonna asked the concert-goer.

But after walking to the edge of the stage to get a closer look, the singer quickly apologized once she realized why the fan was sitting down.

“Oh, okay. Politically incorrect. Sorry about that,” she said after seeing that the person was in a wheelchair. “I’m glad you are here.”

A video of the incident circulated online and garnered strong responses from viewers.

“Does it matter if they’re sitting or standing? they paid for the ticket and took the time to be there? Isn’t that enough???” one person wrote.

“Omg 😳 what an absolute disgrace! Shame on her! That’s unacceptable!” added someone else.

Madonna hasn’t responded to the backlash she’s receiving for the cringeworthy moment. It was a part of her five-show stint at the 18,000-seat arena in Inglewood. Its also the second slip up she’s had during the tour after falling off stage last month.

The 65-year-old music icon has been busy on her world tour that celebrates her 40-year career including her biggest hits, personal struggles, and cultural impact. The “Ray of Light” singer had 80 shows planned in cities across North America and Europe. She kicked off the tour in October 2023 and concludes in April.

On Monday, Cardi B and Madonna’s daughter Estere joined her on staage for the last show as part of the west coast leg of her tour. Cardi helped Madonna judge the “Vogue” dance-off while Estere danced her way to a perfect score of 10.

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