Here’s How Etsy Wants to Help You Make Extra Cash

This week Etsy, the global e-commerce platform for creatives, made two big announcements that can help its sellers make extra cash: new support for its sellers and a new market for craft supplies.

The first new development is Shop Manager, Etsy’s new hub to help its sellers start, manage, and scale their business. It puts the site’s various seller tools in one central dashboard. Services include tools for inventory management, marketing, payments, and shipping.

Shop Manager also integrates conversations with buyers; Etsy’s custom website builder, named Pattern; and an overview of orders and revenues that let sellers see how their business is doing over time.

Brooklyn-based designer Reuben Reuel has been selling his fashion line, called DEMESTIK and based on traditional African prints, on Etsy since 2012. He made a splash in 2014, when Beyoncé posted images of herself wearing DEMESTIK to her Instagram page.

“I love the new Shop Manager!” said Reuel in a statement. “It’s clear, concise, and user friendly. I can spend less time clicking and scrolling through pages, and more time creating and building my business.”

The second announcement to help sellers make extra cash is Etsy Studio. Debuting in April with nearly 8 million items at launch, it’s a new market for craft supplies. But it’s not just a way to source materials for your own shop. It also includes original tutorials and DIYs to inspire makers.

“As the nature of work changes and more people make a living outside of a traditional 9-5 job, Etsy is offering individuals a new option: the freedom to make a living that’s built around human connection and creativity,” said CEO Chad Dickerson.

Etsy sellers, 87% of which are women and 68% of which use it to make extra cash to supplement their full-time income, did $2.39 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2015.

“Our 1.7 million sellers are able to create jobs and incomes for themselves and build value in their communities,” Dickerson continued, “connecting with 27 million buyers all through the Etsy platform.”