Make Knowledge Sharing At Your Organization a Breeze With This Training Tool
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Make Knowledge Sharing At Your Organization a Breeze With This Training Tool

(Image via Christina Morillo/Pexels)

Knowledge sharing is an important part of running and managing an organization. You run the risk of doing what is called “knowledge hoarding” by withholding information. This keeps your employees from accessing the data they need to do their jobs well. When that happens, it’s likely that your company’s bottom line will suffer. Inversely, knowledge-sharing not only helps preserve pre-existing information among employees new and old alike. it increases social interaction and enhances creative problem-solving.

It can be pretty difficult to perform knowledge sharing in an organization that is either large or distributed, but you can take advantage of tools like Coassemble to share in-house business knowledge within your team more efficiently. For a limited time, you can gain access to the platform for an extra 30% off.

A UX-driven learning management system (LMS), Coassemble enables you to connect people with the information they need—anytime, any place. This online training tool allows you to create amazing training courses. It can also track your team’s progress. Also, Coassemble integrates with apps you frequently use at the workplace, including Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp. Creating courses is a breeze thanks to the many customizable templates available, and you can send out email enrollments to your learners and let your team join and access the lessons from any device.

You can even measure how your collective knowledge translates into performance, and keep a close look at the details to see analytics by learner, group, course, lesson, quiz, assignment, and more. Whether you’re a startup founder, a manager, or an HR professional, it’s time to give Coassemble a try and see how it can transform your business for the better. Get it on sale for $63 with the coupon code DOWNLOADIT.

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