Make Learning Fun Again: Jesse Williams Teams Up With VISIBILITY To Create Inclusive Trivia App

Make Learning Fun Again: Jesse Williams Teams Up With VISIBILITY To Create Inclusive Trivia App

Jesse Williams is combining his love for education and technology.

A source reveals that the former Grey’s Anatomy star has partnered with VISIBILITY, a company he co-founded, to create a new trivia app, Homeschooled. The app will feature questions celebrating diversity in the United States in categories such as pop culture, history, music, film, fine art, and science. The names of the trivia categories make it even better and are appropriate for all ages: Growing Up Black, Who Invented This, Kicks, Divas, Car Culture, Sci-Fi, and Street Fashion.

According to the source, the news release claims the heartthrob will be featured as Homeschool’s Dean of Culture and will host other special guest teachers. Williams says the app will bridge the gap between learning and laughing. “We can learn and laugh at the same time and do so without excluding huge swaths of the population just because that’s how it’s always been,” Williams said. “Traditional school is typically our central source of understanding when it comes to societal contributions in the realms of history, science, arts & culture, etc., but the chasm between that outdated mechanic and the realities of cultural impact in our daily lives is staggering.”

There are so many tech companies that are assisting in helping kids learn in new, fun, and exciting ways. Black Enterprise highlighted Healthy Hip-Hop, winner of Invesco’s QQQ Legacy Classic Startup Pitch Competition. The app empowers and educates children with relatable music and innovative technology. Founder Roy Scott uses livestream performances and YouTube videos, with over 5,000 subscribers, to help kids learn interactively through engaging activities.

Homeschooled is hoping to do the same while helping kids and other “gain deeper knowledge of self and society.” Co-founder Glenn Kaino says it’s all about “celebrating diverse and complicated identities.” “And we can have fun in the process,” Kaino said. “Everyone is welcome to dive in, celebrate and challenge their friends, families, and that random person who thinks they know more than you.”