Make The Twice A Week Office A Reality With This All-Inclusive Office Provider

Make The Twice A Week Office A Reality With This All-Inclusive Office Provider

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So maybe we are a little too comfortable with working at home. While attending virtual meetings in pajama pants has been a consistent plus of the remote working model, it’s time to give your employees a little more structure in their day.

There’s a happy medium for employers and employees alike. Since 77 percent of employees who work from home show increased productivity, there’s no need to completely sacrifice a comfy getup. However, there’s an all-encompassing office solution provider that allows you to rent an office on your own schedule.

Industrious gives your organization the power to choose how to best adjust to a hybrid working model. There’s no need to worry about furnishing an office or sharing space with anyone outside of your company. Simply become an Industrious member and work from one of their fully all-inclusive offices.

Since hybrid working looks to be the future, you can adjust the flexible lease terms to reflect the days you and your team will be in the office (and yes, you’ll only pay for when you stay). A twice a week office didn’t sound that reasonable because of lease terms before. Now, there are options that’ll fit your future, especially if you want to retain your remote-adjusted employees and hire new ones from out of town.

Depending on your needs, you can find a membership that accommodates your company’s preferences. Get the full-fledged office experience with a private entrance, reception, conference rooms, and executive suites on one end of the spectrum, or simply a private desk within an office on the other end. The four membership options mean that individuals and large teams alike benefit from Industrious’s model.

Members can get work done from any of Industrious’ 100+ locations, all of which include the perks that sometimes get swept to the side in a traditional office: daily breakfast, secure Wi-Fi, unlimited color printing, office supplies, professional-grade cleaning, security, and more.

Your office lease terms should reflect the changing dynamics of your business. Pay for the days you need the coworking space and don’t pay for the days where pajama typing will suffice. Want to see if Industrious is for you and your company? For a limited time, you can get a Free Day of coworking when you take a tour at any of their locations.