Africa Can Shop Online for First Time with Mall for Africa

Why did MallforAfrica start with Nigeria, and what other countries will it service in the future?

MallforAfrica started with Nigeria because I am Nigerian. The advantage of starting a business where your roots are planted only seems natural. As such, I have firsthand knowledge of the market needs and environment. An added bonus is that Nigeria is the richest, most populous and powerful country in Africa.

MallforAfrica will be expanding to other countries in Africa. This quarter we’ll have a presence in Ghana and Kenya, with additional countries to follow this year.

As the middle man, how does MallforAfrica generate its revenue?

MallforAfrica generates revenue through fees called MallforAfrica fees or convenience fees. These fees are added onto the customer’s order as a separate line item customers see when placing an order. By being transparent, customers know exactly how much we are charging for our service.

How much revenue has the company been able to generate since its launch?

MallforAfrica has generated millions of dollars in annual revenue and has been growing at a phenomenal rate each year. Last year our user base grew six times and this year we hope to grow ten times, in Nigeria alone. We project a major increase in growth as we move into Ghana, Kenya and other African countries later this year.

What is the ultimate goal for MallforAfrica?

The ultimate goal is to be the number one zero-risk option for U.S. and U.K. retailers to gain access and sell products in Africa. Our objective is to do this without concerns of fraud, theft or additional customs charge claims. Retailers ship to our U.S. warehouse and we guarantee delivery to Africa. MallforAfrica is poised to be the online mall where Africans go when they want to purchase from U.S. and U.K. stores. The consumer will feel confident knowing they will receive their order because of all of the local resources, knowledge, channels and infrastructure MallforAfrica has in place. We want both retailers and consumers to see MallforAfrica as a solution that bridges the gap between global e-commerce and Africa.