Boss Moves: 9 Essential Rules of Conduct for the Man (or Woman) in Charge

Boss Moves: 9 Essential Rules of Conduct for the Man (or Woman) in Charge

Being a boss requires a certain decorum for employee interaction. There’s a balance that must be achieved as an authority figure who can also be one of the gang. This is not an all-together easy thing to achieve, but it is essential for continuous growth and productivity among your team members. Abram Brown, a writer for, compiled a list of the  nine business etiquette rules for managers. Not all of the rules are iron clad, and as such should be used with discretion:

Don’t always stay behind your desk. There are moments when you want to exude power, and others when you need to be engaged and open. Knowing when to sit or stand when greeting someone who comes to your office will be important.

Don’t avoid compliments. Let your employees know that they are valued. Letting them know that they did a job well shows you are paying attention and that you value their contribution.

Don’t dress sloppy. Dressing well not only shows that you care about your appearance, but that the standard you would like your employees to uphold.

Don’t engage in water-cooler talk. You don’t want to be the one spreading the rumors around the office. If there is indeed a problem or rumor going around present it to the team when you have all the facts on hand.

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