5 Reasons You’re More Trustworthy Than Your Manager

5 Reasons You’re More Trustworthy Than Your Manager

We all start out at the lower ranks of business with aspirations of a corner office with a great view, but it doesn’t mean we all have the potential to become great managers. Managing requires communication and leadership skills that not all possess. Aside from those essential characteristics, it also requires a drive and determination that could walk a fine line between seeming deceitful and being genuine.

Let’s face it: You probably have heard horror stories of people belittling one another or sabotaging their co-workers to get ahead. It’s not farfetched then to believe that those who are in those leadership positions are less than savory characters. This is not a rule of thumb that everyones need to abide by, but it does pay to keep in mind who you have attached to the face of your company.

Chad Brooks of Fox Business News, reported on a study by communications firm Ketchum that shows that most consumers do not trust those in upper management. “The study shows that poor communication skills among business executives, which was viewed as significantly on the decline among consumers, is directly affecting corporate performance and sales. In the last year, 60% of shoppers stopped buying or bought less from a company due to poor perceptions of the behavior of those in charge.” What the research also showed was that better leadership didn’t mean better sales, but ineffective leadership was more damaging overall. How do you know if your management is discouraging your consumers?

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