Mandela Family Launches ‘House of Mandela’ Wines

At the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this past week, Nelson Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe Mandela and his granddaughter Tukwini Mandela, launched House of Mandela, a new fine wine company, the Associated Press reports.

“We are praising our ancestors,” Tukwini told the AP.  “We are telling the story of our family and who we come from with these wines so it’s only natural that we would use the name Mandela.”

The family’s screw-topped bottled wines feature red, white and sparkling wines including a pinotage that is a Mandela family favorite. Prices range from about $12 to $50. The bottles carry an image of a bee, the House of Mandela logo.

“…there’s a large segment of the black community who is interested in wine now,” Tukwini told the AP.

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