The Mom, The Mrs., The Mogul: Mariah Huq on Balancing Business and Motherhood

Every woman I know would love to have it all. All as in: a supporting spouse, loving kids and a thriving career. Many of us actually obtain each and every one of the aforementioned; however, once we get it, we struggle to keep it. Balancing home and business is very challenging because no matter how hard you try, something is neglected or doesn’t get the required attention.

As a proud mother of two elementary aged kids, wife of a hardworking physician and a top executive at two booming companies, balancing my life has become an art! It took several years for me to perfect the craft, but I think prioritizing has been the key for me. No matter what project I take on, I make a conscious decision to put my family first. My husband and children are my backbone, and when they are content and well, I can focus my energy elsewhere.

I believe that there are several things we must understand in order to stay balanced. First, decide what takes top priority and what follows. Then we have to accept that everything does not have to be perfect! Your time does not have to be equally proportioned between work and family. In fact, I believe we set ourselves up for failure if we attempt to perfectly distribute our time. In real life, different aspects of your life require different amounts of time and energy on any given day. All you can do is put your best foot forward, and give what you can. Whatever you feel you need help with, delegate! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you can afford it, hire help around the house. If you cannot, you can always attempt to barter with friends, family and class parents. Volunteer to carpool on your easy days, so you will have less to do on the harder days.

Planning has also been essential in multi-tasking for me. On our days off, we iron the kids’ clothes for the week, prep or prepare meals for a few days, and make a schedule of the entire week that we post in our common area (the refrigerator). If we didn’t plan in our household, things would be chaotic, because each and every one of us have busy and vibrant lives. From ballet recitals to boardrooms, the balancing principles are basically the same: prioritizing, planning, delegating and doing your best!

As an entrepreneur, my businesses do well, when I put the right people in place to make things happen. I understand that I am not a jack of all trades, so I don’t hesitate to delegate tasks and projects to the appropriate people. It allows me to get more done and focus on those tasks to which I can uniquely add value. Once there is a system in place, home and work life are so much easier.

As a mommy, a Mrs. and a mogul, it’s inevitable to give your all to those around you, but be sure to save something for yourself. Always make time for you! Whether it’s a yoga class, a glass of wine or a spa day, be sure to do you, in the process of doing everything and everyone else. It’s easy to take care of others, and forget that most importantly, you have to feel your best so you can give your best!