Marijuana Business at Entrepreneurs Summit

Here is where things get real. It’s Day 3 and here is where we have a live discussion on “The Green Rush–Is Legal Marijuana a New Frontier for Black Business.” As you can obviously imagine, this is “that” subject. The one that breaks ground, causes a shift, and alters perspectives. The one that introduces new ideas and stretches imagination.

This session featured Scott Greiper, president and founding partner of Viridian Capital Advisors L.L.C.; CEO of Simply Pure Dispensary and Managing Partner of Cannabis Global Initiative, Wanda James; and CEO of District Growers, Corey Barnett.

“What the black community needs is education, and insight, and access,” says Viridian’s Greiper. “It’s right that people can build, grow, scale and operate with integrity.”

“It’s time to get involved–the time is now,” says James. “If you’re in a state that just legalized, don’t think that you’re going in and will receive big money. You should anticipate operating in the negative for maybe a year later, maybe two,” she continued.

Here’s the conclusion: It may not be fast and easy, but it will surely be worth it.

“Focus is so critical to early state success,” exclaimed Greiper.

Medical marijuana Stocks will be hard to make money under. With the recreational piece, the market will bloom,” says James. “There is nothing I’m more proud of than what I do now. You have to be like water, you have to be where the maker grows. The industry is so big, we are undeniable, and they can no longer say it’s not important,” she asserted.

The conversation continued to emphasize the importance of the marijuana industry. “God had something in his mind when doing this–or hers,” said Greiper. “Something about this plant is clearing MS, arthritis, insomnia, and the list goes on.”

Listen people, word on the curb is that there are many unconventional ways for you to get in this lucrative, booming, industry.

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