Yahoo’s CEO Earns $1M Bonus after Five Months on Job

Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer recently made headlines after issuing a memo changing the company’s position on employees working from home. While outside experts have questioned many of her decisions, the company does not have the same view and recently rewarded her with a $1.12 million bonus after only five months with the company.

According to papers filed with the Securities and Exchange Commision, Mayer’s bonus was based on performance in getting the company to goal in 2012. Mayer was not the only top executive at Yahoo to receive a bonus. Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman was also awarded a $100,000 “discretionary bonus,” in addition to his $600,00 annual salary.

Mayer has an annual salary of $1 million, and is eligible for a $2 million annual bonus, based on meeting certain performance goals set by its board. In addition, she has gotten numerous stock and options compensation, worth $56 million, including $14 million to make up for the loss of earnings when she left Google, where she was a top exec for many years.

AllThingsD reports that the bonus is a “bargain” for investors based on how Yahoo’s stock rose 46% since Mayer joined the company. In addition to raising the stock price, she’s boosted the brands image and made Yahoo relevant again

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