Marlon Nichols Helps You Become an Investment

Marlon Nichols Helps You Become an Investment

Image: Marlon Nichols

What if we told you that we have an expert, on deck, who is looking to let you know how to get your business funded.

In the reported 1% of venture capitalists that happen to be black, founding partner of Cross Culture Ventures, Marlon Nichols, lends to that percentage with the co-founders of his early-stage venture capital firm, and he is eager to enlighten you.

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Imagine that. Right at your fingertips is a resource who invests in entrepreneurs creating next generation technology and consumer products; that strategically looks at companies that are led by founders of different racial and cultural backgrounds when looking to invest.

When asked Nichols exactly what they are looking for in potential companies he responded, “We were looking for companies that solve real problems. We are discovering and investing in companies that are aligned with what we are seeing in terms of a shift in cultural trends and consumer behaviors within an increasingly diverse global marketplace.” Could that be you?

Nichols will be at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit providing insight from an investor’s point of view on how you should market yourself to an investor, the ABCs of seed funding, along with the crowd sourcing options that may work best for your business. He will be joined alongside the Founder & CEO of Kairos, Brian Brackeen, and moderator Janelle Alexander; managing director of Power Moves Miami, for a deep dive on securing business funding.

Nichols is an investor with several years of experience. His credentials include: investment director at Intel Capital, lead fund manager at BR Venture Fund, client engagement & business development manager at Frictionless Commerce, principal strategist at Edgewater, and technology & business operations consultant for the Blackstone Group. He received an M.B.A. in entrepreneurship and private equity from Cornell University and a B.S. in business and M.I.S. from Northeastern University.

Nichols encourages new entrepreneurs to be honest with yourself and come up with a business idea that you can relate to; that is authentic with your experience, and be realistic with the potential for this business. He will be offering more expert insight at the 2016 BE Entrepreneurs Summit, May 4-7, Loews Hotel Miami, Miami, Florida. Register now.

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