Marshall Lynch, Russell Wilson

Marshawn Lynch Gives Photographic Reaction When Asked About Relationship With Russell Wilson

Former NFL player Marshall Lynch was considered one of the greats when he was the starting running back for the Seattle Seahawks. In 2014, he helped the Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII, playing alongside quarterback Russell Wilson. On a recent episode of Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay, he told the former Undisputed co-host about his nonexistent relationship with Wilson.

Although they played well together on the gridiron, they hardly spoke off the field. Lynch, known for his explosive play as a running back and his fiery attitude, was the exact opposite of the cool and calm, non-confrontational Wilson. Sharpe asked Lynch about how they got along as teammates. Lynch’s reaction was classic, as he stared at Sharpe and gave him a stoic look.

Lynch told Sharpe, “I respect Russell as a player and a teammate. Anything I say because of the situation throwing a pick on the goal line, not giving me the ball, him leaving from Seattle … anything I can say is going to come off as malice or as if I’m a hater.”

“I’ll take Russ and I’ll put him right there at quarterback and I’ll rock with him because I’ve done that.”

He goes on to explain that he doesn’t even have Wilson’s phone number.

“As far as anything else … Can’t pick up the phone and call old boy or nothing … I don’t got his number.”

He then tells Sharpe that Wilson wasn’t really rocking with him, even when it came to football-related issues. After one game against the Tennessee Titans when Lynch scored two touchdowns, and Wilson didn’t have a great game, he reached out to the quarterback to check on him. After getting his number from a Seahawks staff member, Lynch called Wilson only to have him tell him he’d call him back. When Wilson did call back, he called from a blocked number.

Lynch felt that although he tried to be a better teammate to his quarterback, after that conversation, when they finally did speak, it didn’t matter to him anymore if they spoke again.

It’s fair to say that the two men haven’t spoken to each other in a while and Lynch seems like he is cool with that.