Marshawn Lynch’s Return to NFL Has His Beast Mode Apparel Sales Spike

Marshawn Lynch’s Return to NFL Has His Beast Mode Apparel Sales Spike

Returning back to the spotlight causes great things for business! According to ESPN, the return of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has sparked a sales spike for his Beast Mode Apparel.

Lynch, who recently came out of retirement for a second time, signed to the team he won a Super Bowl with, the Seattle Seahawks last week. Since the announcement of his signing, sales of his Beast Mode Apparel have drastically increased. According to Mitch Grossbach, the head of operations and finance for Lynch’s Beast Mode business, had generated close to $150,000 in sales from when Lynch’s return became official. The clothing line also includes new gear commemorating his Seahawks comeback.

“Obviously, we knew a little ahead of time that there might be this possibility of Marshawn returning, so we have a team that began thinking about what can we put on sale, assuming he gets confirmed to play,” Grossbach told “And we designed a couple of styles.”

Grossbach estimated that sales projection for December will end up five to seven times greater than what the website averaged in the months leading up to the running back’s return.

“My phone started to blow up and I stepped out to check it,” Grossbach said. “I saw that we had, within the first half an hour, we had thousands of sessions and we were selling at a rate of a couple thousand dollars in sales every few minutes. So the site had just gone crazy and spiked. I can see it exactly. This was on Dec. 23 at around 9 p.m. We had hit around $20,000 in sales within the first hour of it being announced.”

Due to the anticipation of Lynch returning to his old team, it was decided to add new gear to the collection. The new gear includes hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts, and long-sleeve T’s that read either “Back in Action,” which have since sold out or “Unfinished Business.” As soon as the deal was signed and formalized, Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, texted Grossbach to inform him and then Grossbach texted his team to push the new gear live.

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Marshawn Lynch played for the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and Seattle Seahawks where he made four Pro Bowls and helped win Super Bowl XLVIII. Lynch earned the nickname “Beast Mode” for his powerful running style and consistent ability to run over defenders and break tackles.