Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Estate

Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Partners With P3 Media To Accurately Portray Civil Rights Icon’s Legacy

The estate's proprietary licensing and management division will work with P3 Media to propel Dr. King's ideals of justice and equality.

In a move to uphold and amplify the civil rights icon’s profound impact, the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has forged a collaborative alliance with P3 Media in film and television.

The partnership comes in response to concerns over historically inaccurate media projects. According to Variety, the close-knit collaboration between Intellectual Properties Management, Inc. (IPM), the estate’s proprietary licensing and management division, and P3 will develop new ideas that promote, preserve, and safeguard Dr. King’s legacy and intellectual property and explore avenues for creative applications of his IP. P3 Media’s pivotal role is in ensuring that Dr. King’s life, writings, and historic speeches propel his ideals of nonviolence, racial justice, and equality for all.

Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Dr. King, stated, “Before my brother Dexter’s recent passing, he and I felt that this partnership represents an extraordinary opportunity to share with new audiences and future generations the enduring messages of justice, equality, and compassion that my father ardently championed throughout his lifetime.”

Bernice, along with Martin and Dexter King, who died in January, are the remaining shareholders of King, Inc. Bernice said the partnership allows the trio to “continue the aim of ensuring that our father’s legacy is accurately portrayed.”

The P3 Media management team comprises board member Ashley Bell, founder Adam Ciralsky, and producing partner Gene Klein.

“It’s a profound privilege to work with King, Inc. to bring Dr. King’s transformative words and indomitable spirit to people everywhere while safeguarding his remarkable legacy,” Bell said. “Together, we will harness the power of various media to honor Dr. King’s life’s work and inspire and empower audiences worldwide.”

Dr. King and Bell are executive producers for P3 and Vanity Fair Studios’ feature-length documentary project. The production company recently concluded filming for the second season of Netflix’s thriller, “The Recruit,” an endeavor backed by a substantial seven-figure investment revealed in 2023 from Bernice’s and Bell’s Ready Entertainment company, according to Variety.