Maryland Substitute Teacher Removed for Scolding Black Moms on Twitter Over Raising ‘B*tchest’ Boys

Maryland Substitute Teacher Removed for Scolding Black Moms on Twitter Over Raising ‘B*tchest’ Boys

A substitute teacher in Upper Marlboro, Maryland,. has been removed from an elementary school over controversial tweets that encouraged bullying, judged parents, and labeled herself as being “hood.”

The educator, identified as Bianca Robinson, has been removed from the classroom at District Heights Elementary School after upsetting parents with a series of mean tweets she sent out that targeted her students and their parents, Fox 5 DC reports.

A spokesperson for Prince George’s County Public Schools confirmed Robinson worked as a substitute teacher at the school up until the tweets made rounds on social media.

One of the controversial tweets first surfaced online last Thursday under an account titled “@Mostly_hated.” It seemingly scolded Black moms and told them to improve how they’re raising their sons.

“Black women raising boys, please stop letting ur sons pick up ur female traits!!!” the tweet stated.

“I have the b**chest boys in my class!! I know y’all have some men around somewhere! This sh*t is getting ridiculous!!”

In other tweets, Robinson condoned bullying saying it prepares children for adulthood.

“Kids need to get bullied!” the tweet read.

“Bullying doesn’t just stop with childhood how will they be ready for an adult bully! The no bullying thing is dumb.”

One tweet dated August 31, 2022, claimed the teacher brought one of her students to tears.

“Third day of school and I made another kid cry,” the tweet read.

“[Emoji] These 5th graders never had a teacher from the hood I see.”

“I won’t be spoken to any kind of way. I will gather a child quickly and respectfully and still bring them to tears.”

Her controversial tweets garnered mixed reviews. Some agreed, but many felt like she shouldn’t work as a teacher.

“I wouldn’t let her teach my kids, not with that type of behavior,” Carlita Ballard said in response to the tweets.

Once word spread about the tweets, the user behind the account made the page private.