Master The Language Of Linux With This Programming Certification Bundle

Master The Language Of Linux With This Programming Certification Bundle

Most people familiar with information technology or the computer world have at least heard of Linux.

For years now, the open-source operating system has been popular among those who prefer it to more restrictive operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s iOS. Android users have clamored over the software, as it is powered by Linux.

While largely popular, not everyone is adept when it comes to maneuvering around the platform. Mastery of Linux not only allows users to unleash the full power of their computers or hand-held devices, but it can prove beneficial on the job market, as well.

With the 2022 Complete Linux Programming Certification Bundle, users will gain the confidence of knowing the ins and outs of the popular software. For a limited time, you can purchase this bundle for just $29.99. That’s a savings of 98% from its MSRP ($1,600).

Eight courses are included in this bundle, and more than 250 people are enrolled. Individually, each course costs $200.

For those completely unfamiliar with Linux, the “Linux Crash Course for Beginners” is a perfect tool to get up to speed. By the end of the course, students will be efficient in the basic Linux command line while learning basic Linux system administration.

With a basic understanding of Linux system administration, students can advance to the “Linux Network Administration” course, which covers basic to advanced Linux networking.

The information in this bundle isn’t limited to software-based learning.

A perk of becoming fluent in Linux is the many job opportunities it gives you. This bundle equips students for that part, too, with courses on how to approach and seize opportunities in the Linux job market.

The “Get a Job of your Dreams in IT” and “Complete Job Interviewing Skills with Real Life Examples” courses do just that, as they impart helpful interview tips and share frequent interview questions.

Knowledge is power, and this Linux bundle is an information powerhouse. Purchase it today at its limited-time price.

Prices subject to change.