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Maximizing Global Transport Management Technology

Every shipment sent out of the country that is valued over $25 must have shipper export declaration (SED). AESdirect collects and files an SED for each product you ship. To complete the forms on AESdirect exporters must obtain licenses depending on the product that is to be shipped, assign classification numbers to merchandise based on the Commerce Control List, or submit a classification request to the Bureau of Industry and Security, determine the port of export code for shipments. In addition, firms must make sure they are not shipping to people listed on government watch lists like the specially designated nationals list or the denied party screening list.

Step 3) Introduce Global Trade Management software into your ERP

Even though the AESdirect can simplify the filing of paperwork for most shipments, it can still be time consuming. If DIY is not your style consider purchasing GTM software, which will help your business stay current with the different regulations of not only the U.S government, but of the laws and currencies of the many countries that you export to. While some Enterprise Resource Planning systems come with GTM software included, often times GTM software like, TradeMasterQW by QuestaWeb Inc., I/E logistics, or Management Dynamics must be added onto an existing ERP platform, but some can be hosted on the web. Because of the high price of purchasing the software, some small manufacturers don’t use GTM software themselves and they often hire logistics companies or freight forwarders that do.

Step 4) Choose criteria for GTM software around your compliance needs

Whether you purchase the GTM software and run it in house or hire a logistics company that has its own GTM software, it is still important for businesses to know what the software does, how they can access it, and how to export the documents and financial statements into their own accounting software or ERPs. Any GTM software you purchase should produce data that is encoded as .xml, electronic data exchange (EDI), or as flat files so that it integrates smoothly into the ERP system. In addition a compliance database should be written in a web-native language like C#, .net, or java. Such languages allow you to use the software globally, behind a firewall, and/or on smart phones.

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