Report: McDonald’s America’s Least Favorite Fast Food Chain

Report: McDonald’s America’s Least Favorite Fast Food Chain

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As it relates to national fast food chains, it seems that McDonald’s is the place that Americans don’t like much.

Specifically, the “Golden Arches” has been named the country’s least favorite major fast food chain, according to a new report from the American Customer Service Index. The organization measures customer satisfaction across service industries based on a survey of 4,500 people.

With the average person who eats at a fast food restaurant scoring their experience at an 80 out of 100, McDonald’s scored a 71, down from 73 one year before. Competitors such as Taco Bell and KFC barely snuffed out McDonalds, as the duo scored a 72 and 74, respectively.

As slumping sales, challenges in revamping its Dollar Menu, and the harsh winter weather affected McDonald’s standing, the company has also had to face off against fast food protests aimed at raising employee wages and improving worker conditions. “In a weaker economy, consumers respond to price, but as the economy improves, quality becomes more important to restaurant customers,” ACSI Chairman Claes Fornell says in a statement about the report.