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McDonald’s Franchise Implements A ‘No-Quit Policy’

A photo has gone viral online showing how McDonald’s is responding to extreme staffing shortages. The image, posted to Instagram on July 13, showed a sign inside a McDonald’s restaurant describing a no-quit policy. The message has sparked a slew of pushback. 

The Instagram post shows a yellow sign tacked to the wall in an unidentified restaurant. The message written across the bottom of the sign allegedly explains the reason for the policy’s implementation. It read, “Because we feel that many situations can be resolved. It is the policy that an employee cannot quit until he or she talks to the Restaurant Manager or Area supervisor.”

The sign also read, “We value you, your growth and your contributions. This is a no-quit restaurant.”

The sign sparked backlash at the restaurant that posted it. Although it has been confirmed that the no-quit policy is an individual restaurant’s implementation, the “at-will employment” law has been brought up surrounding the controversial policy. 

The at-will employment law stipulates that “although management is able to fire an employee at will for any reason besides discrimination, an employer also places no requirements on whether an employee can quit at any moment or not.” This means the no-quit Mcdonald’s goes against all their employees’ rights. 

Folks on social media expressed how ridiculous they thought the policy was.

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